ZD Wines was founded in 1969 with a commitment to craft wines of quality, consistency, and style. Today, three generations of the deLeuze family are involved in producing world-class Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The winery is located in the heart of the Napa Valley in Rutherford. ZD embraces biodiversity and being stewards of the land, using a multi-pronged approach to organic farming since the early 1980s.  Their estate vineyards have been certified organic since 1999 by the CCOF, and ZD’s winery and vineyards are both Napa Green certified.

Founders Norman and Rosa Lee deLeuze inspired their children, and later their grandchildren, to be a part of the family business.

Robert deLeuze joined ZD Wines in 1979 as a cellar man, teaming up with his father to make ZD’s early wines. He would eventually become winemaker in 1983, a position he held for eighteen years before becoming ZD’s Winemaster and CEO. After graduating from college in 1988, Robert’s brother, Brett deLeuze, joined ZD to help form a dynamic marketing and sales team with his mother, Rosa Lee. Brett is now ZD Wines’ President.

The third generation siblings, Brandon deLeuze and Jill deLeuze Billeci, followed paths that also led to being a part of ZD Wines. Brandon is the Associate Winemaker, working closely with Winemaker Chris Pisani. Jill found her passion in sales and hospitality, hosting guests at the winery, and keeping the sales team strong and motivated.  Jill and her husband, Scott Billeci, ZD’s California Sales Manager, welcomed the fourth generation of deLeuze family into the world in January 2016.

ZD Wines
8383 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA 94558